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Our award-winning artists and designers have worked with many universities and with the NIHR, NHS England, the Violence Abuse and Mental Health Network (VAMHN), and the UAL Social Design Institute, among others, and have exhibited widely, including at the Whitechapel Gallery, V&A, BFI, and the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival. We also collaborate with our associate sound artists and dance artists.


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research report design

Safe Seen Supported


Survivor-led study on how to reach and help children and young people experiencing abuse in their households. We asked people who know best: adult survivors who were once these children and practitioners who support survivors. Together, we identified key considerations and actions to take both during the pandemic and beyond. Led by Jane Chevous, Laura E. Fischer, Concetta Perôt, and Angela Sweeney, in partnership with Survivors Voices, VAMHN, King's College London, and the McPin Foundation.

We designed the final report and produced infographics aimed at helping young people recognise abuse and reach out.

research infographic
conceptual framework design

Conceptual Framework for Public Mental Health

Interactive web-based tool that brings together evidence from academic research, reports, and practitioner and public consultations to map out the factors affecting mental health across all stages of a person’s life, including links to key evidence and lived experiences. 

Developed as part of the NIHR School for Public Health Research Public Mental Health Programme.

We designed the framework, illustrated all 55 determinants of public mental health and their intersections, facilitated user-testing workshops, and produced the tool and an infographic.​

research output illustration graphic design
public engagement art

Traumatised Selves

Multidisciplinary art exhibition that explored visual articulations of the impact of trauma on mind, brain, and body. More than a collection of artworks, it brought together the voices of survivors and opened public conversations on trauma.

We welcomed 15 survivor artists with a range of artwork (drawing, painting, photography, textile, fashion design, music, dance, poetry, installation), organised and curated the exhibition, held an opening reception, and facilitated creative workshops.

art exhibition trauma research



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