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We exist to comprehensively address trauma,
protect our rights to safety, freedom, and joy,
& create new horizons for survivors.

trauma organisation uk


A world that fosters safety and freedom to be, with a culture of understanding and mutuality, where healing is led by survivors, trauma is transformed, and joy is claimed.

trauma organisation uk



Change the ecosystem of trauma and create new horizons for survivors by;

  • Disrupting violent societies with safety and mutuality through community-building

  • Raising awareness and rewriting the sociocultural narrative of trauma on survivors’ own terms through the arts

  • Building knowledge of trauma through education

  • Supporting survivors to reclaim their power, heal, and transform trauma through survivor-led creative practices

  • Deepening our understanding of trauma and developing new embodied healing approaches through interdisciplinary arts-based research

  • Equipping professionals and institutions with the skills to work sensitively and meaningfully with lived experience through consultancy

survivor-led organisation


  • We believe the most profound disruption we can do to a violent society is to create safety and mutuality.

  • We believe that addressing trauma is a collective responsibility and an undertaking that benefits everyone individually, socially, culturally, and economically.

  • We believe all trauma survivors can – and deserve to – heal and live freely, undefined by their experiences.

  • We believe in a new healing narrative that is survivor-led, creative, embodied, and relational.

  • We believe in a new narrative of trauma that restores power to survivors.

  • We believe in the expertise of lived experience and the leadership of survivors.

  • We believe in the continuity of trauma-informed practice and anti-oppressive practice.

  • We believe in curious and bold crossovers between arts and sciences.

survivor-led organisation


  • We welcome our whole human messy selves.

  • We embody mutuality, reciprocity, and intersubjectivity.

  • We place people’s safety, integrity, and wellbeing above all else.

  • We do not compromise on trauma-sensitive practice.

  • We protect survivors’ absolute ownership of their lived experiences.

  • We fiercely embrace vulnerability and recognise it as raw strength.

  • We make space for self-empowerment and
    collective empowerment.

  • We defy societal norms that are complicit to a
    culture of violence.

  • We do not accept to break our authentic selves in order to fit social norms.

  • We actively make space for diverse voices, different perspectives, and new ideas.

  • We embrace complexity and engage in cross-disciplinary thinking and practice.

  • We continuously hold space to reflect, question, learn, and evolve.


The most profound disruption we can do to a violent society is to create safety & mutuality.

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