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Self-Care Space

Learning about or working with trauma can be empowering,

but we know that it can also be challenging.


We would like to make it as safe and comfortable as possible for you to engage with what we offer on our site, so this space is dedicated to your self-care.

You are welcome here whenever you wish.

Grounding & Soothing


Here is a collection of grounding and nurturing invitations. (More to come!)


Our suggestion is to do one at the beginning and one at the end of your time here to help you stay anchored in the present moment, but you are free to choose which of these invitations are right for you and when.

Guided Presencing

by Traumascapes Associate Ying Li

Guided Visualisation

by Traumascapes Associate Ying Li

Beach Wander
00:00 / 02:02
Forest Wonder
00:00 / 01:46

Soundscapes by Traumascapes


You may close your eyes (if this is comfortable for you) and immerse yourself in the music. You may focus on your breath or you may follow your imagination where it leads you, maybe drawing intuitively in response to the music.


Peer Support


If you are a trauma survivor and you would like to connect with other survivors, you could join one of the peer support groups run by our partner, Survivors Voices.

Other Sources of Support


In case of emergency, call 999

Note: You can also text 999 but you must first register by sending a text with the word ‘register’


Helpline for children and young people


Helpline for children and young people & help for adults concerned about a child


The Mix
Support for under 25s


Support for adult survivors of child abuse


The Survivors Trust
Helpline for survivors of rape and sexual abuse & umbrella agency for services that support for survivors of rape and sexual abuse


Sistah Space
Support for domestic abuse survivors of African heritage


Support for male victims & male perpetrators of domestic abuse


Safe Spaces

Support for survivors of church-related abuse


NHS directory to get urgent help for mental health

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