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Our Arts Collective is creating a Living Archive of Survivorhood of Trauma (LAST) that explores and documents what survivorhood means to us, both individually and collectively, and how this changes over time.


Gavin Edmonds

Isaac Ouro-Gnao

Julian Triandafyllou

Julie-Yara Atz

Laura E. Fischer

Sullivan Holderbach

living archive of survivorhood

Lancet Psychiatry Commission:
Lived Experience in Mental Health Research

The Commission seeks to reflect on the history and evolution of lived experience involvement; assess existing knowledge and identify gaps; establish key principles; explore difference and debate; provide recommendations; and propose next steps for the field.


Laura E. Fischer, Traumascapes

Angela Sweeney, SURE, King's College London


The Lancet Psychiatry


Centre for Society and Mental Health

Funded by:


lancet psychiatry commission lived experience

Embodied Trauma and Healing as Observed by Survivors (ETHOS)

Trauma is held in the body, yet few interventions are focused on embodied healing. This longitudinal qualitative study explores how survivors experience the embodiment of trauma and how survivor-led body-based approaches such as TFML can support healing.


King's College London

embodied trauma research

The Survivor Lens:
Reframing Trauma Narratives through Filmmaking

The Survivor Lens programmes films, panel discussions, and shared reflections on the role of filmmaking in reframing trauma narratives. Survivor artists and activists explore, question, challenge, and reimagine trauma – both individual and collective – and create a space for a new discourse to emerge. Recent events were held at the Whitechapel Gallery and the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival.

Curated by:

Laura E. Fischer

Andrea Luka Zimmerman

Still from 'How Dare You Have Such a Rubbish Wish' by Mania Akbari

Rubbish Wish by Mania Akbari.5 .jpeg

Mapping Approaches and Principles of Survivor-led research (MAPS)

We are creating maps that capture the vision, values, and ethical principles of survivor-led research. These maps will underpin a new programme of survivor research which we are co-developing for the Centre for Society and Mental Health.


SURE, King's College London

Survivors Voices

Little Ro

The Flying Child

We Are Survivors

Centre for Society and Mental Health

survivor research principles

Survivor Terminology and Identity

We are conducting a qualitative study on how people relate to the term 'survivor' and how the bi-directional relationship to trauma-related language changes over time and in relation to intersectional identities.


SURE, King's College London

Centre for Society and Mental Health

Traumascapes Photography-186.jpg

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