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I was not able to fight my abusers.
But I am able to fight for survivors and do everything
in my power to protect our rights to
safety, freedom, and joy.


Laura E. Fischer, Founder

Laura Fischer trauma

Ten years ago, I left the clasp of childhood trauma and began creating a new life for myself in the UK. Yet, a year later, I went through another traumatic experience. I became severely unwell, suffering from complex trauma, depression, and an autoimmune disease as a consequence.

I found myself alone in a new country, having to navigate a healthcare system I did not understand and find my way through surviving trauma.

I would wake up with blood in my mouth from a night of horrifying nightmares only to relive my abuse throughout the day through endless flashbacks. My self was shattered, my mind was tortured, my body was uninhabitable, and my organs were shutting down.

This was close to being the end of my story, but it was not. I eventually turned my experience into insight and turned this insight into action. I now dedicate my life and work to addressing violence and abuse and preventing others from going through trauma unequipped, unsupported, and alone – as I did.


Over the years, my lone voice met other lone voices.

Now we are a community, a collective of different voices with common experiences and shared aspirations.

We are made to feel and believe that we are alone,

but we are not: there are millions of us.

Together, we can reclaim and rewrite the narrative of trauma.


Vulnerability is a superpower.

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