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Creative Research Outputs

We believe everyone should have access to scientific knowledge.

research output impact dissemination

To help make this happen, we translate research findings into creative outputs. We use our artistic skills, our research expertise, and our lived experience to create dissemination materials that are trauma-sensitive, engaging, and impactful.

What we do

  • Artwork, illustrations, comic strips

  • Infographics

  • Designed reports

  • Web design, digital outputs

  • Animation

  • Film & video

  • Photography

  • Art exhibitions

research output design

How to get started

research infographic


This gives us an idea of what you are looking for and helps us estimate a budget if it isn't already fixed.

data visualisation


Send us your form

Send us your form at the following address:

research report design


Let's chat!

We get things going with a chat! Our work is bespoke so we like to know about your work, audience, and aims.

Reduced rates

We believe lived expertise is vital to conducting relevant and purposeful research.

In support of this, we offer a 10% discount on outputs created for research that meaningfully involved lived expertise and, in solidarity with survivors, we offer a 20% discount on outputs created for survivor-led research.

research output design dissemination
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