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Trauma Trainings

We equip professionals, organisations, and institutions with the knowledge to understand trauma and the skills to work sensitively with trauma survivors.


Our trainings are grounded in lived expertise and scientific evidence from psychology and neuroscience. They are carefully designed to be comprehensive yet accessible, with space for questions and discussions. They are always facilitated in a trauma-sensitive way.

Topics we can cover

  • Trauma overview: prevalence, causes, types [core]

  • Understanding the neurobiology of trauma [core]

  • Recognising manifestations of trauma

  • Trauma healing

  • Trauma and mental health

  • Trauma and intersectionality

  • Trauma-informed / trauma-sensitive practice

  • Preventing, recognising, and managing distress


How to get started

You may select one of these packages or we can prepare a bespoke proposal for you.​


Half-day training

  • Information pack

  • Sessions for <10 people

  • Topics: core

  • Q&A + discussions

  • Grounding exercises



Full-day training

  • Information pack

  • Sessions for <10 people

  • Topics: core + 2 electives

  • Q&A + discussions

  • Grounding exercises



3-day training

  • Information pack

  • Sessions for <10 people

  • Topics: all

  • Q&A + discussions

  • Grounding exercises

  • Follow-up



  • Cost includes preparation and delivery

  • Trainings may be delivered online or in person (travel costs are additional if located outside of London, UK)

  • Participants are capped at 10 in order to ensure a safe space can be held - for greater numbers, additional sessions can be incorporated

  • Discussions are facilitated and tailored to the topics and to your work, needs, and interests

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