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Living Archive of Survivorhood

'There’s a museum in here, inside of me, with the Corinthian columns, the grand staircase, and the mezzanine. There’s a system of organisation: the way I see things. There are objects and images, and there are texts, and there are voices explaining. There’s an archive that also contains my memories. And there’s a basement where I keep the things I don’t want to show.'

- Andrea Fraser


Welcome to the first piece of the Living Archive of Survivorhood of Trauma.


You may explore it through a variety of audio guides:

As always, please take care of yourself when engaging with content that relates to trauma. Choose how much you would like to engage with and when.

You may find our self-care invitations and support links useful.

The Absent Archive
00:00 / 02:11
The Manufactured Archive
00:00 / 04:05
The Omitted Archive
00:00 / 02:47
The Lost Archive
00:00 / 01:03
The Inner Archive
00:00 / 02:21


Gavin Edmonds

Isaac Ouro-Gnao

Julian Triandafyllou

Julie-Yara Atz

Laura E. Fischer

Sullivan Holderbach

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