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Living Archive of Survivorhood



Artist: Gavin Edmonds

Title: Association
Date: 2020
Medium: oil, acrylic, pencil, on oil sketch paper.

Welcome to the third piece of the Living Archive of Survivorhood of Trauma.


Below is a selection of works from our Arts Collective, created in response to this month's cover.

As always, please take care of yourself when engaging with content that relates to trauma. Choose how much you would like to engage with and when.

You may find our self-care invitations and support links useful.


Artist: Gavin Edmonds

Title: After Rubens (Little Last Judgement, 1621-22).
Date: 2020
Medium: oil, tempera, pencil, on canvas.

excavating the archaic
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Artist: Sullivan Holderbach

Title: excavating the archive
Date: 2024
Medium: Audio arrangement 

When memories resurface, they are known to lose their sharpness. 

When memories resurface, we lose sight of what they used to mean in favour of new insight granted by retrospect.

Perhaps the sharpness of a memory is lost as a consequence of the loss of certainty. 

What used to mean one thing, in a new context, now means another.


Using decade-old audio samples, this soundscape of an old factory crane, an arcade, and Space Invaders mimic the flow of consciousness, interrupted by archaic thoughts and ideas which unexpectedly resurface, sometimes causing aggressive ripple effects or internal chain reactions.


Artist: Julian Triandafyllou

Title: 30 minutes (2 x 15 minutes)
Date: 2024


This a 15 minute timer, which, according to some estimates, is the average time it takes for a child to die in Gaza since October 2023. The sound of NYE fireworks plays in the background in a field recording by Magnús Bergsson (2024).


Artist: Julie-Yara Atz

Title: there has to be a way
Date: 2024

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