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Living Archive of Survivorhood

As always, please take care of yourself when engaging with content that relates to trauma. Choose how much you would like to engage with and when.

You may find our self-care invitations and support links useful.



Artist: Laura E. Fischer

Title: Searching for the Horizon
Date: 2015
Medium: acrylic on canvas

This piece is one of a series of over forty paintings I made while I was deep in the midst of trauma. I was continuously reliving the violence I had been subjected to, my body was a perpetual echo of horror with no ability to discern what belonged to the past or the present. I couldn't grasp reality long enough to know where I was and there was no horizon line to guide my step. I needed something to hold on to and I needed to draw colours back into my life. So I painted. Again, and again, and again. Through my paintings, I created the horizons I needed to craft myself a path forward - through and beyond trauma.

Welcome to the fourth piece of the Living Archive of Survivorhood of Trauma.


Below is a selection of works from our Arts Collective, created in response to this month's cover.


Artist: Isaac Ouro-Gnao

Title: body incantations
Date: 2017


Artist: Julie-Yara Atz

Title: j'ai abandonné ma main
Date: 2024


Artist: Julian Triandafyllou

Title: Running Man
Date: 2006


Running Man was a piece made in 2006 whilst studying at Central Saint Martins. I was trying to explore cyclical narratives, whilst playing on familiar or uncanny elements. In retrospect, however, the piece recalls the feeling of hypervigilance, and fear that I have experienced whilst dealing with the effects of trauma - it acts as an archive piece to a part of me I no longer inhabit. Laura's painting brings me into a similar space, it takes me to prior experiences of dissociation, to feeling lost in a narrative of time, to being seperated from myself. 

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